Ramnagar town

August 17, 2015



Ramnagar is a historical town in Udhampur district. The town is named after the Dogra king Ram Singh.

Ramnagar sits on the Mansa Devi Nallah, a tributary of the River Tawi that flows through Jammu. It is located 27 km(approx) towards east from Udhampur district Headquarters.

Ramnagar Fort-Udhampur

The town was once the capital of the Bandralta State whose last king, Bhupendra Dev, was ousted in 1821 by Sikh forces and retired into obscurity near Ambala in today’s Haryana state.


The 19th-century palace complex consisting of three sections was built by Raja Suchet Singh (ruled 1822 to 1844), brother of Raja Gulab Singh(a prominent Dogra warrior in the campaign to oust Bhupendra Dev) and by Ram Singh, son of Raja Ranbir Singh.


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