Laddan Fort

August 3, 2015



Laddan Fort is built on a hillock across the Tawi river in Udhampur. The road leading to village Kaira passes through the fort leaving half a kilometer walking distance. After dropping at a  distance of  9 km by road from Udhampur one has to walk over to reach the fort.

Chenani was one of the famous and oldest state among the erstwhile 22 Dogra states. According to the diary of a European visitor George Forester, the income of Chenani was more than Rs One lakh in 1783. Boundaries of dogra state were reduced to the extent that only 47 villages remained with this tiny Jagir and income declined to Rs 65800 during 1944-45. King Dayal Chand of Chenani had built two contemporary forts during 1820s at Shivgarh and Laddan.

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